Sunday, 11 January 2009

Petition response/Raspunsul la petitia adresata lui Gordon Brown

Dear friends ,

I would like to thank you for signing & support the petition sended to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2008, asking for the right for work for Roumanians in UK.
We receive the answer to this petition and I would like to share with you.
The conclusion is the status of roumanian labour force in UK it is not changing in 2009.

Ionela Flood- Romanca Society

Dragii prieteni,
Va multumesc pentru suportul oferit la semnarea petitiei adreste Priministrului britanic Gordon Brown in 2008, prin care solicitam dreptul la munca pentru romani in Marea Britanie.
Am primit raspuns la acesta petitie si doresc sa il impartasesc cu Dvs.
Concluzia este ca statutul fortei de munca al romanilor in Marea Britanie ramine neschimbat.

Ionela Flood-Societatea Romanca


“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to change the status of Romanian labour force in UK.”

Details of Petition:

“The Rt Honourable Gordon Brown, PC, MP Prime Minister 10 Downing Street London Dear Prime Minister, The Romanian community in the UK is aware of the efforts being made by specialist organisations to gather information and statistics in order to assist the UK Government make an informed and balanced decision regarding access to the UK labour market by Romanian citizens. Romania has worked hard both in the run-up to its EU accession in 2007, and in the post accession period to strive for genuine integration at a European level. However, the current position of the UK government is to treat Romanian nationals differently from other EU citizens. Under its current ruling, Romanian citizens are only permitted to work in the UK in the agricultural and food industry sectors. We believe this measure is discriminatory as it denies Romanian citizens their basic human rights under EU law. We therefore urge the UK government to rescind this discriminatory regulation at the earliest date possible and restore to Romanian workers their legal right to mobility across EU borders.
Thank you, Ionela Flood,Romanca Society,London, UK.”

Read the Government’s response

Thank you for your e-petition about Romanian nationals’ access to the UK labour market.

The UK government gave its support to the accession of Romania into the EU and continues to support and assist its integration.

Romanian nationals can travel freely to the UK and reside here under the same conditions as all other EEA nationals. They have a right to reside as workers, self-employed persons, self-sufficient persons or students. However, nationals of Romania (and Bulgaria) who wish to reside as workers are generally required to obtain permission from the UK Border Agency first under interim measures the UK brought in on 1 January 2007. These interim measures are expressly permitted under the terms of the Treaty of Accession between the EU and Romania.

The terms on which Romanians may enter the UK’s labour market are no more restrictive than the provisions in force before accession. In some circumstances it is now easier for Romanians to access the UK labour market. For example, if they are exempt from the requirement to have work authorisation they consequently have free access to the labour market.

Romanians are not restricted to work in the agricultural and food industry sectors, whose quotas are now reserved solely for nationals of Romania and Bulgaria. Romanians are also able to work in skilled jobs, provided they meet work permit requirements, and may obtain free access to the labour market if they are highly skilled. Those studying in the UK are also permitted to work, and Romanian family members of workers, self-employed and self-sufficient persons and students can themselves work. Once a Romanian has completed 12 months’ authorised work they have free access to the labour market in line with all other EU citizens.

The Government will notify the European Commission by the end of this year whether work restrictions for Romanians (and Bulgarians) will continue beyond 2008. To assist this decision the Government has asked the independent Migration Advisory Committee to provide its assessment of the likely labour market impact of lifting restrictions.

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